Largest recipient of FDI in the Caribbean

Source: UNCTAD

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Free Zones of the Dominican Republic is a globally recognized network of +87 free zone industrial parks, designed to improve business productivity and competitiveness, focused on a diversity of industrial sectors and services. This award-winning regime is backed by a powerful incentive structure and a vibrant community.

Our free zone parks, which can be under private, public, or mixed administration, offer their tenants services and solutions that facilitate the operations of the companies installed within them. Some of these services include the design, construction, and adaptation of industrial warehouses; maintenance and security; assistance in pre-selection and selection of human capital; labor relations; logistics services, among others.

With a robust talent pipeline, bolstered by the efforts of local institutions and the free zone platform, Dominicans are equipped with the requisite skills to fulfill their labor demands. Boasting one of the largest talent pools in the Caribbean region, the Dominican Republic possesses a workforce of 5.5 million people. Furthermore, our tailored workforce development programs enable the attainment of greater specializations.

Opting to relocate or expand your business to the Dominican Republic is a streamlined endeavor. As committed partners, the free zone team and industrial park operators will guide companies through the installation process and remain steadfast during ongoing operations. This unwavering support allows companies to channel their energy toward what truly counts: business growth.

There is an expedited process for the approval and installation of new businesses, which can be established as Dominican, subsidiary, or offshore companies. The National Free Zones Council, which promotes and regulates the free zone regime in the country, functions as a one-stop shop for assistance to companies and parks that operate or wish to establish new operations in the country.

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Growth + Stability

Growth + Stability

The Dominican Republic’s burgeoning economy and associated political stability cultivates an environment that reduces business risk.

Incentives + Tax Advantage

Incentives + Tax Advantage

The Free Zones have an exceptional tax structure that is unrivaled in the Caribbean and LATAM regions. There is a 100% exemption from virtually all national and local taxes.

Global Access Marketing

Global Access Marketing

Access to global markets given the ideal geographic location, award-winning infrastructure, and free trade agreements.

Our Key Sectors

The Dominican Republic’s competitive advantages are extremely comprehensive and have allowed for the development of strong clusters in a diverse set of industries.

  • Life Sciences

  • Electronics

  • Textiles

  • Footwear

  • Tobacco

  • Jewelry

  • Services

  • Value – Added Logistics