Soft Incentives

Solid comprehensive incentive structure

  • Each Free Zone provides a unique set of soft incentives
  • Free Zones offer on-site utilities and infrastructure
  • Assistance with company registration and licenses simplifies the establishment of business entities

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Free zones incentives

More than tax breaks and exclusions

The Dominican Republic Free Zones have also developed a set of soft incentives aimed at improving competitiveness and attracting companies that seek, through friendshoring, to relocate or expand their operations in the region.

Growth-oriented services

  • Electronic

    Staff Recruiting

    Recruiting and screening of employees to fill the job roles you require.

  • Medical

    Medical Center

    Employees have access to on-site medical services delivering quality care.

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    Customized training programs are made available on-site through INFOTEP.

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    All of your infrastructure needs are available on-site; water, power, fiber optics, others.

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    Company Registration

    Assistance with business entity establishment and operating licenses.

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    Engineering / Construction

    On-site experts to design and build your new facility.

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    On-site Customs Processing

    On-site customs officers allow your containers to leave on time.

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    Third Party Logistics Services

    Our logistics partners give you a range of options to move your goods globally.

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    Payroll & Third Party Payments

    Payroll and third party payments are made easy by our expert accounting teams.

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    Food Service

    On-site food service ensures that workers have access to the nutrition they need to be productive.

  • Logistics


    Organized transport systems ensure that your employees arrive on time and ready to work.

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    Full support services are provided, including security, fire brigade, landscaping, maintenance, trash and hazardous waste disposal, recycling, etc.