Stability and Growth

Economic, political, and social security

  • Largest GDP in Central America and the Caribbean
  • Ranked best in the Caribbean for overall Macroeconomic Stability
  • Ranked best in the Caribbean for the strength of their Institutions

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Excellent investment climate

Stability and Growth

The Dominican Republic’s economic climate is stable and growth oriented, making it an ideal location for corporate investors who want to reduce their operating costs while mitigating risk. Over the years, the DR has worked diligently to cultivate a welcoming and supportive business environment and has achieved great success as evidenced by their strong performance in key economic rankings.

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Stability and Growth

Free zone platform

The Free Zones are a huge contributor to the economic success and stability of the Dominican Republic, responsible for 9% of FDI and +198,000 direct jobs.  The zones offer companies an attractive installation package, through tax incentives, soft incentives, and the best connectivity in the region.

The Free Zones are proven tools for economic growth, export diversification and competitiveness, in both advanced and developing economies. In the case of the Dominican Republic, free zones have led the insertion of the country in sophisticated global value chains, promoting increases in productivity, jobs and skills upgrading and industrial sophistication.

It is estimated that companies that participate in the Free Zones have an economic impact that is 7 times higher than the incentives extended to them.

The Free Zones offer more than just economic stability for the Dominican Republic, they also uplift the community and invest in social causes. Each zone does their part to contribute to the greater good by undertaking different programs and efforts tasks to reach their goals. Initiatives can be broken down into 4 major groups: Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation, Environment, Education, Health and Wellness.

The Free Zones Law provides both domestic and foreign investors with 100% exemption in the payment of virtually all national and local taxes, including:

  • Corporate/Income Tax
  • Value-added Tax
  • Import Duties and Tariffs
  • Taxes on Assets, Real Property and Patents
  • Municipal Taxes

The free zone program also offers incentives that go beyond tax exemptions, including: a sectorized minimum wage; simplified customs procedures; a customs unit exclusively for free zone operations; and a special program that provides financial and operational assistance for training programs.

The Dominican Republic maximizes its geographic advantages, by having develop a top-of-the-line transport infrastructure within our region. Being a small nation, it has 8 international airports, 12 ports and more than 20,000 kilometers of integrated roads. According to The Global Competitiveness Report, the Dominican Republic has the best transport infrastructure in the Middle Americas Region.